Pillar of the Soul
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Pillar of the Soul

Pillar of the Soul

The Pillar of the Soul asks us to connect to a higher power, learn to listen to our inner voice and trust life unfolding.  This journey dances between science, spirit, and faith.  The science is substantiated through meditation where there are thousands of studies extolling its virtue.  Studies have shown changes in brain activity in the areas of the brain that relate to positive thinking and optimism (Davidson, 2003).  Others have proven that there is a reduction in Irritable Bowel Disease, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, heart disease, and depression.  Large studies have documents less depression, chronic pain, runaway thoughts and memory loss and improved sleep in those who meditate. Stanford researchers concluded that the more you meditate, the more positive feelings you experience.,

One of the highest powers we can tap into is nature.  Twhohig-Bennet(2018) studied the health benefits of being in nature in over 290 million people.  His results were astounding.  There was a decrease in heart disease, premature death, Type 2 Diabetes in people who spent time in nature. People were healthier and less stressed which led to a stronger immune system and less disease.  Other authors concur with the finding and suggested that being in nature also encouraged exercise and its associated benefits.

We cannot neglect our own faith and its relationship to our sense of health and well-being. For many of us, it is integrated into our sense of self and our inner voice.  Who we are is a reflection on our background, experiences, and beliefs.  So when we hear our inner voice, it is our personal compass, listening and evaluating our impressions and responses. This voice is quite powerful and can help us make the best judgments, live a healthy life, allow us to savor the moment and create joyful moments.  It can also sabotage our relationship, introducing uncertainty and insecurity into our lives.  It is here where science cannot reach within and it is us who has to begin practices of positive thinking, love and being in the moment to bring us to a healthier state of mind and body.

When we trust life unfolding we are opening our soul to making life-affirming choices.  We choose to honor the inherent good in all of us  In the process we begin to shift our view of our surroundings and experiences.  When we slow down our day or time, suddenly the pressures of daily life, its quick decisions, and reactions abate.  The stress recedes and we live in a calmer, healthier environment.  Equally as challenging is learning how to accept misfortune as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

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