Boost Your Happiness by Wishing Happiness to Others
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Boost Your Happiness by Wishing Happiness to Others

Boost Your Happiness by Wishing Happiness to Others

One simple and fun way to increase our own happiness is to mentally wish others well.

A recent study ( ) done at Iowa State University demonstrated the power of sending happiness to others. The researchers divided study participants into groups and had them take a 12-minute walk around campus. Those in the first group (loving-kindness group) were asked to look at each person they passed and say to themselves, “I wish for this person to be happy.”Participants were given surveys before and after their walks. The researchers found that the loving-kindness group had increased happiness and reduced anxiety.

I have been sending happiness thoughts to others for years. I have taught this to my clients and people in my courses. It is so simple and very powerful. This practice adds so much happiness to my day! Try it and see how you feel. It is a win/win situation and an easy way to do something positive for your bones and overall health.

(Here is a link to the Vimeo recording of me talking about this – It is about bone health but there is a portion that can be extracted just about the study and happiness.)

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