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About me

Physical Therapist – Integrative Health Coach

My biography

Hello, my name is Margie Bissinger. I am a physical therapist, integrative health coach and Certified Happy for No Reason Trainer. I teach the Happy Me, Happy Life online program to help you find the happiness you deserve every day of your life. Over 30 years ago, I discovered the power of happiness in healing and transforming lives while caring for patients with chronic pain as a physical therapist.

I had started working at an out-patient clinic in Chicago as a physical therapist treating patients with mostly chronic neck and back pain. I noticed that the majority of my patients were truly miserable-struggling with debilitating pain and limited mobility – which meant limited activity and lifestyle.

Many of them would ask me how I managed to always feel bright, cheery and happy. I started to simply share my own philosophy, developed through my own trials and tribulations with an unfaithful husband and failed marriage, that true happiness is an inner state of peace and well-being. It’s not dependent upon your life events.

I started teaching what I now refer to as happiness habits to my patients and the results were truly miraculous. Back and neck pain started to resolve much quicker and I saw patients who were sad and angry become happy and engaged in life.

From such consistent, profound results, I became convinced of the power of happiness in changing lives. I have made it a part of my practice ever since. And so now for over 30 years, I have been so fortunate to be able to help people get rid of pain, fear, anger, tension, worry, and live the happy lives they were meant too.

One of the concepts I teach is that in all challenging situations, there is some gift or lesson. My gift was meeting my now fabulous husband Craig who lived right across the street from me in Chicago. We are blessed with three wonderful children.

Since that time, I became an integrative health coach and had the amazing opportunity to be trained by a fabulous happiness mentor, Marci Shimoff, and am now certified as a Happy for No Reason Trainer.

My Credentials

  • My Credentials
    • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, University of Pennsylvania
    • Masters of Science in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Northwestern University
    • Certified Integrative Health Coach-Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • Certified Happy for No Reason Trainer
    • Author, Osteoporosis: An Exercise Guide
    • Creator, Move Today New Jersey(statewide exercise program)
    • Created Happy Me, Happy life(an online program for unconditional happiness)
    • Founder, Happy Bones, Happy Life(online osteoporosis education program)