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Then you are exactly where you need to be.

Enroll in the Happy Me, Happy Life online program today.

Life is too short to waste even a minute without the joy and happiness you deserve.

Learn the POWERFUL 7-step process to raise your happiness level !

On Demand Courses

8 one-hour weekly online recorded classes to watch at your convenience


Video tutorials for each exercise presented


Video tutorials for each exercise presented

Group Interactions

Monthly one-hour live Q&A sessions for 12 months


Separate recordings of weekly meditations


Separate recordings of weekly meditations

Life is too short to waste even a minute without the joy and happiness you deserve. How often do we sabotage the moment with negative thoughts and experiences such as:

  • Feeling empty
  • Being self-critical
  • Lacking energy
  • Involving ourselves in unfulfilling relationships
  • Lacking purpose

If you’re like many of us, you may already be letting this negativity creep into your daily life and sap your joy and happiness

Osteoporosis: An Exercise Guide

Osteoporosis: An Exercise Guide has been called “one of the most practical exercise guides written to help fight against osteoporosis and low bone mass.” The exercises are simple with large illustrations and step-by-step instructions. This book will start you on your way to improving your strength, balance, and posture. As a physical therapist focused on safety for people with osteoporosis, I offer advice on how to sit, lift and even sneeze in the safest way possible.

What are you waiting for? Take charge of your life now!

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What makes the Happy Me, Happy Life Online Program different?

I have been teaching happiness to my patients and clients for over 30 years and IT WORKS.

People who are happy…

Are more fulfilled, relaxed and energetic
Have more meaningful relationships
Live longer, healthier lives
Earn more income
Anyone can read a book or do an online module on happiness. I have found for this information to be most effective you also need a community of people to share the experience with you, people who can provide not only guidance, but emotional support too.

That’s why I’ve intentionally included 12 monthly live interactive Q&A sessions and a private Facebook group as part of the Happy Me, Happy Life Online Program.

This program will inspire and motivate you to create a life that is full of genuine happiness every day. Plus… the program is so much fun.

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